Australian Peptides – Best Price For!

Compare prices of Australian peptides and decide which will be the most effective for you. The peptide explosion is Australia has seen literally hundreds of suppliers and clinics emerging all over the country. However, with this great wealth of choice that we have, who do we choose and how can we be sure that we will get good quality? Let’s take a look!

Australian Peptides Online

One thing you will notice whilst doing your research to buy peptides, there are almost no walk in high street stores that sell such products over the counter. They are all online companies only. This is not such a problem and in fact it has many benefits. Ordering online is very easy and fast, and you can do it all in the comfort of your own home.

If you’ve read some of our other articles about using an Australian peptides clinic then you will be well aware of the purchasing procedure of obtaining peptides in Australia legally. For your australian peptidesconvenience you can read up on buying Australian peptides direct in this article.

Best Australian Peptides Buy

Whether it’s clinical grade peptides or another, the most affordable peptides that have the best quality in Australia come from Peptide Clinics Australia.
Many of our readers and forum members have read at least one Australian peptides review and later came to the conclusion that reputation is important when buying chemicals with the intent of applying in whatever form to the body.

Premium Peptides

Another Australian peptides specialist that most of us have great respect for is Premium Peptides. At this time of writing there seems to be some confusion as to whether Premium Peptides are still trading. We will update this article as and when we have the information.

Aus Peptides Deals Under $100

There are some amazing Australian peptides deals for a limited time from Peptide Clinics. Here’s a few examples: Oxytocin 200iu Troche’s (1 month dose) at only $99.

Melatonin Capsules are very effective for those that find it hard to sleep. This is priced at $69.95.

If you’re suffering from hair loss, fear no more! Minoxidil Topical Hair Re-Growth Solution is exactly what you need to gain back your confidence. At only $69.95 this is very cheap and a hard price to match elsewhere. And while we’re on the subject of hair loss, this Australian peptides clinic have a real miracle aimed at male pattern baldness (MPB). A 90 days course of Finasteride Capsules  will leave you with astonishing results that will encourage hair growth in men. The cost of Finasteride Capsules is at the bargain price of just $89.95.

Well these are just a few examples of the best prices around for Australian peptides and what’s more, these are all the best reviewed peptides available anywhere in Australia.

Don’t just take our word for it! Go to the website and see for yourself and if you think can find a better, cheaper company stock quality anywhere near as good as Peptide Clinics, please let us know so we can add them to our site for others to share.

Always make sure that your purchase of Australian Peptides comes from a reliable licensed clinic or lab.




Premium Peptides – Australia’s Best

One of the largest stockpiles of research peptides lies within the hands of Premium Peptides. This company has become very popular in Australia recently and although they are based in the USA, it seems that many Australian’s are now turning to them for their premium peptides. The purity is every bit as good as Australian peptides and even better than some. It’s easy to see when browsing their website PremiumPeptides that they are an organised outfit and dedicated to what they do.

Are Premium Peptides Legit?

With a history spanning over 6 years they have shown time and time again that only the strong survive. It’s this that keeps them very firmly on top of their competitors. They are highly legit and for peptide suppliers it’s hard to find better. All of their chemicals are pure peptides made in the USA.Premium Peptides

Ordering from their website couldn’t be easier and after registering you can place your first order straight away. Shipping is lightning fast and if you order before 3pm your order will be dispatched the very same day. Clients will be provided with a unique tracking number to check on the progress of the order. Shipping is free for orders amounting to over $300.

On the unlikely event that their customer is dissatisfied with the quality of the peptides or if the package is damaged, Premium Peptides provide a 100% money back guarantee.


Premium Peptides Review

The internet has 100s of Premium Peptides reviews and we decided to contact some of our contributors that have placed at least 2 orders from Premium Peptides over the last 6 months. This short review was written for us by Ben Storer from Faulconbridge, New South Wales:

I was handed a Premium Peptides discount code by email from a friend of mine at the gym. He’s a big fan of PP and has used them on many occasions without any complaints. I spent almost an hour on the website looking at their massive stock of peptides and wandering what to order. I had done some research on a few forums etc to find out which peptides I would need to increase my stamina for fitness. I looked at whether to go for GHRP 6 or GHRP 2 as they were very cheap. However, I finally made the decision to order Premium Peptide Melanotan 2. My mind was made up after contacting customer support who really helped me with what I wanted to know. I actually had a very interesting conversation with them.

My package arrived after just 18 hours which was incredible service. It was packaged discretely which was an advantage when you live in an area where everyone knows each others business.

I started my dosage of the premium peptide order and the results were encouraging after only 2 days. I have since ordered further peptides from them on 3 instances and each time I have received the same professionalism and dedication from Premium Peptides. I have no immediate plans for the future to change to another supplier, for now I’ll stick with Premium Peptides.








Peptides for Weight Loss Success

To gain the best results possible from using peptides for weight loss, the dosage has to be suited to the person taking the dose. This is relatively easy to achieve if you are buying your weight loss peptides from a reputable clinic. All peptide clinics in Australia will have a medical adviser or consultant to prescribe the best peptide cycle for cutting and to recommend an exercise routine to work alongside your peptide weight loss journey.

How do Peptides for Weight Loss Work?

Let’s first look at how we actually pile on that excess weight before discussing how peptides for weight loss can reverse this. WheneverPeptides for Weight Loss we consume carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, fried foods etc, our blood sugar level rises. Our pancreas notices this increase and releases insulin into the blood. Insulin will then initialise the process of sending glucose into our body cells, the liver and muscles being the most affected. Our bodies store only small levels of sugar so any increase will turn into fat.

This can lead to very serious health issues including  type II diabetes, obesity and even cancer. The fat we have tends to be used as fuel for our daily needs however, the over intake of sugar will prompt our body to try to use the large sugar reserve first. By constantly “topping up” on sugar our body readily store the fat but in turn make the excess fat very difficult to burn off.

By following a reliable peptides weight loss method set out by your chosen clinic, you can be assured that you will reach your target weight in a period of between 3-6 months.

So how will taking a weight loss peptide help to lose weight? The most simple way to explain this is by looking at the pituitary gland and how peptides affect it. When the body senses the presence of peptides in the blood, the pituitary gland is some what stimulated into releasing HGH (human growth hormone). This process allows the body to prevent the burning of glucose and promote the burning of fat. This results in the body using the fat to burn for its energy source. This action will be taken immediately resulting in rapid fat burning and weight loss.

Because the body needs energy for every minute of the day, regardless of whether the person is active or inactive, peptide weight loss results will be achieved whether you are running a marathon or asleep.


Where to Buy Peptides for Weight Loss

Expert advice on choosing the right peptide is paramount here and if you don’t use the consultation of a qualified expert, you could be left disappointed and severely out of pocket.

Both Peptide Clinics Australia and Southern Research Peptides have qualified consulting staff that are always on hand to offer quality free advice. Peptide Clinics Australia offer 50% off for all new customers and you can register here to take advantage of this great discount.

Either of these clinics will advice you on the best peptide for weight loss to make absolutely sure that whether you are prescribed CJC-DAC, GW-1516 or 176-191 peptide, you will be guaranteed to receive the best peptides for weight loss that will shed that weight fast.




What is the Best Peptide for Fat Loss?

Just what is the best peptide for fat loss and will it really work or is it all a myth? Grab yourself a coffee and pull up a chair for the next few minutes while I share this with you.

First of all I can say that it’s all good news from here on, and you’ve just made the initial step needed to start losing weight. We will look at the 2 main aspects of fat loss, one for fat loss alone and also the best peptides for fat loss and muscle gain.

What is the Best Peptide for Fat Loss Alone?

Best Fat Burning Peptide

When it comes to losing weight, no matter how little amount, it’s an uphill struggle…all the way! Using peptides correctly will provide surprisingly good results if the user can also put in some effort from the very start. Just by reducing your food and calorie drinks along with some daily exercise will soon reward you with a noticeable decrease in weight and fat loss.what is the best peptide for fat loss

If muscle gain is not what you’re looking to gain, then the best place to start is by getting your hands on some CJC-DAC and administer at 2-5mg per week. CJC-1295 with or without DAC is suitable. An equally effective alternative is GW501516. Peptide Clinics Australia recommend Oxytocin for weight loss highly and they’ve had amazing results from patients that have been prescribed this.


Best Peptides for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Many dieters want more than just fat loss as a result for their efforts. Instead these people are also wanting to achieve fat loss and muscle gain to leave them with a highly toned physique. For this we would be looking at a dose of 176-191 peptide and GHRP2.

Not every peptide will suite every individual and it may take some experimenting to get the right peptide and dose. Our recent article explains more about who peptides will work for. So what is the best peptide for fat loss and is there any one type that will almost guarantee some success? The answer is NO! Everyone is different and to repeat what was said above, experimenting is vital for success.












Do Peptides Work and for Who?

The title of this article is a question we are often presented with, do peptides work? We will look closer at the facts surrounding the effects of peptides and who they will work for to get the best results.

It’s important to remember that peptides have many qualities that can be of help in numerous ways, from bodybuilding to weight loss and skin care to name but a few. Let’s take one subject at a time and look at the results therein.

Do Peptides Work for Bodybuilding?

There are scores of forums related to bodybuilding on the net these days and most at some point will have discussions asking do peptides really work for bodybuilding? The simple and straight to the point conclusion to this question is YES, peptides are very effective in muscle building and repair. Possibly the most used peptides for athletes now are GHRP-6, CJC-1295 , GRF 1-29, IGF-1 LR3 and IGF-1E, GHRP – 6 and CJC1295 being the most widely used. Read more about peptides for bodybuilding.


Do Peptides Work for Wrinkles?

Peptides for the use for anti-aging have recently became the latest trend among those eager to shrink their facial wrinkles and achieve a more youthful look. But do peptides work for wrinkles effectively and how do we go about this?

Do Peptides Work

The skin is made up of a high percentage of collagen, a protein type.

When we are young our skin has an abundance of good healthy collagen and that’s what keeps our skin so smooth and young looking. As we face the inevitable onset of aging, we lose some of that precious collagen. This gives our skin a wrinkled and thin

appearance. This collagen is no longer being replaced and this is where the addition of peptides in certain facial creams can help exceptionally well. It is thought that peptides have the ability to actually promote new growth of collagen.

The direct application of peptides on the skin will trigger the brain into producing fresh new collagen to repair the lost damaged

collagen. Copper is also added to most peptides used in skin care. It is said that copper on the skin has great healing qualities and results can be obtained even with severs facial damage.


Do Peptides Work for Weight Loss?

Bodybuilders will agree that peptides work extremely well for weight loss and in fact it has shown such effectiveness in recent years that it’s now considered to be one of the most effective and safest forms of losing weight. A dieter should still cut their caloric intake and participate in a little exercise whilst taking a peptide, AOD-9604 being the most reliable according to several peptide experts in Australia and the US.

Peptides are now considered worldwide as a the most effective fat burning methods in existence today. do peptides work for weight loss? They certainly do!










Buy Peptides Australia 2016

The many ways to Buy Peptides Australia types have been covered briefly here before. However we want to take a brief look at some of the various peptide stockists in Australia that are less known. This is not to say that buying from a lesser known company will not satisfy your needs, on the contrary. One such peptide clinic is mentioned in our recent post melanotan 2 buy online Australia.


Buy Peptides Australia Here

Complementary Compounding Services have been in operation since 2001. Foundered by Dr Michael Serafin, the company have provided an impeccable service to their clients over the years. Their compound products are thought to be some of Australia’s best and that’s the general opinion of so many of their clients past and present.

Before being allowed full access to their range of products a new visitor will have to register on their website. This takes just a minute or 2 and once in you will have access to the full range of products.

Lugol’s Solution is one of the most popular health supplement that they sell at this time. The reviews alone speak for themselves and at just $21, this is a real bargain. Read more about Lugol’s Solution here.

Another retailer of Australian peptides is Mimotopes Pty Ltd. With a stock ove over 5000 catalogue peptides, it’s no surprise that this company is becoming one of the most popular authorities in Buy Peptides Australiapeptides.

You can contact Mimotopes here:

Mimotopes Headquarters
11 Duerdin Street
Clayton, Victoria, 3168 Australia                                  Tel: +61 3 9565 1111
Fax: +61 3 9565 1199


Mimitopes have some of the top buy peptides Australia has and the choice is huge enough to provide whatever the client requires. Bulk buying is also an option with some attractive discounts depending on the quantity ordered. Both trade and private retail customers are welcome to purchase from Mimitopes. More reviews of where to buy peptides in Australia coming soon.









Aus Peptides: Best of the Best

Are you thinking of buying your first dose of Aus peptides or SARMS and don’t know who to trust? Then stay with us and here we will try to point you in the right direction to get your peptides at the highest quality and lowest price.

Australian peptides have become an authority over recent years in the world of research chemicals, and here’s why. Countries around the globe are now struggling to buy/sell chemicals such as growth hormone type drugs and chemicals. This is because the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have laid out heavy restrictions on the selling and use of most peptides and SARMS collectively known under the category of research chemicals.

Aus peptides review

A quick search in any of the search engines will throw up an astonishing number of clinics not just in Australia but worldwide. The problem that many of you find is who exactly do you trust? Well again the search engines can be of help most of the time. You will also find a good honest Aus peptides review here on this site. A recent post about SARMS reviews is a good start. Here you will find everything about Aus peptides melanotan among other popular products.

Whenever we are asked to recommend a place to get Oz peptides we would typically go with Sydney based Peptide Clinics Australia every time. Their professionalism speaks for itself. They stock the best premium peptides in Australia and they can be purchased after they issue a prescription to the client. Biokem research was also a reliable clinic and w have tried to contact them recently for an update on their business status. More on that to come.

We are currently trying to organise a comprehensive shortlist of the top 10 Aus peptides clinics nationwide. We would appreciate any input that our you our readers could provide.

Our shortlist to date for the best Aus Peptide suppliers are:

  1. Peptide Clinics Australia
  2. Peptides Direct
  3. Muscle Peptides Australia
  4. Australia Muscle Science
  5. Auspep
  6. Simply Vital Australia

All the above are reputable clinics that subject to a prescription will provide professional advice and clinical grade Aus peptides.












SARMS Reviews from Australians

It’s always wise to read a few SARMS reviews before taking the plunge to spend good hard earned money on stuff you don’t know about. We’ve put together this small but comprehensive 3 SARMS reviews from our generous readers.

Please note that these reviews of SARMS are not written by anyone from the medical profession but from athletes and others that have had recent experience with using SARMS.

SARMS Reviews 2016

Nicolas Jason, NSW Australia

My first introduction to SARMS was when a colleague at work told me how good Andarine was for him. At the time there was some speculation that the effects of taking S4 andarine could in fact shrink the prostate. This however has since been regarded as untrue and contrary to what was initially reported it’s now thought that it can have some positive effects on the prostate. Several men have experienced an enlargement of the prostate after taking  this SARM.

My experience was extraordinary and using SARMS helped me to become fitter and leaner with an increased muscle definition. I would recommend that anyone who wants to lose weight should try S4, it’s simply incredible for weight loss.

I bought my SARMS from Peptide Clinics in Sydney and Melbourne Clinic.


Jade Cowley, Auckland NZ

I got a prescription for SARMS from Peptides Direct in Australia after reading as many SARMS reviews as I could find. I basically wanted to look fitter and feel healthier and less tired whilst working out. The guys at Peptides Direct were very helpful and after sarms reviewsregistering with them I got an online consultation before they prescribed me with GW 501516. The energy I got from this was just outstanding! It gave me more endurance than I could ever have imagined and I found that I could endure much longer training sessions than before. I noticed a big improvement right from the first dose and it just seemed to dissolve the excess fat that I had. I had no side effects at all from taking GW 501516.


Gary Henton, Adelaide, Australia

I can’t mention where I bought my SARMS from because they were from the US which is frowned upon by Australian customs these days. I used MK-677 (wiki article) because I wanted to take SARMS orally rather than by injecting, I don’t like needles! Previously I had taken the peptide GHRP-6 and it seemed to work exactly the same as GHRP-6. The reason for wanting this SARM was because I was very overweight and suffering from muscle wastage. MK-677 worked remarkably well for me. I had none of the side effects that I had with GHRP-6 so I was happy with that.

SARMS REVIEWS: Do Your Homework!

Before parting with your money, always make sure you read as many SARMS reviews as you can find. It will pay of later.

Thanks to Nic, Jade and Gary for their SARMS reviews.





SARMS of Australia – How and Where to Buy

The popularity of SARMS Australia has grown out of all proportion since early 2015 and this has continued into 2016. There is a reason for this! Ostarine is one of the most used SARMS in Australia due mainly to its ability to successfully treat muscle wasting disease. Athletes have been using it for increasing their stamina for extra fitness and strength. It is basically a SARM that will offer almost the same benefits of anabolic steroids, but without the side effects. The other benefit is its amazing ability when used as an effective alternative to testosterone.

SARMS Australia Facts

Although most SARMS are classed as restricted imports in many countries, there are legal loopholes in Australia. By sticking with one of the registered peptide clinics of Australia, one can avoid being hindered by legal jurisdiction completely. By simply completing the required health assessment form online is all that is needed to purchase SARMS and peptides in Australia legitimately.

SARMS and especially ostarine are preferred over many of the brand supplements for their almost complete absence of side effects. They are easier to buy legally and from a reputable clinic based within Australia, with most having a doctor/specialist on the premises to advice clients efficiently and safely.

Best Buys for SARMS Australia

You should not go too far wrong if you find a legally operated peptide clinic in Australia. For those based in New Zealand or Tazmania, you will find that most Australian SARMS clinics will ship to you at very little extra cost.

Peptide Clinics Australia provide what many would describe as the very best service in Australia for purchasing both peptides and SARMS online. Their current prices for SARMS and peptides are very competitive but we feel that their customer service is far better than their competitors up to now.

Let’s take a look at what they have:

SARMS Australia s22 Forte (Ostarine) 15mg for up approx 10 weeks dosage. BUY NOW! Price – $199.95 while stocks last.


This one is primarily aimed at the serious bodybuilder and it’s effective! The bundle includes:

IGF-1 LR3 – 5mg in a 5ml vial

Sarms s22 FORTE – 60mg in 4x 5ml vials

CJC 1295/GHRP 6 2000mcg/2000mcg/ml or CJC

1295/IPAMORELIN 2000mcg/2000mcg/ml in 4x 5mL vials

The bundle will be packed complete with 300 insulin syringes and alcohol swabs.

The current cost for this bundle is $2,271.39. BUY NOW!

Take a look at what Peptide Clinics Australia have in stock and buy with complete confidence from a reputable clinic ran by professionals. Go ahead and register on their website here before purchasing your first SARMS Australia dosage.



Melanotan 2 Buy Online Australia

Melanotan 2 buy online Australia is easy to find but a few steps can be taken in order to get the best quality melanotan 2 buy online australialegally. Buy purchasing peptides for sale in Australia you will need to complete the health assessments questionnaire first. The requirements for obtaining peptides in Australia are covered in detail here.

Melanotan 2 Where to Buy Online in Australia

M2 Australia is used by many for gaining a relaxing sun free skin tan safely. It is also widely used to treat and help prevent specific skin cancers caused by over exposure to the sun. The benefits of taking shots of Melanotan are numerous and even include the successful treatment of ED in men. It has recently shown some degree of success in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in women.

Peptide Clinics Australia are currently offering Australian Melanotan II 20mg, suitable for a course duration of up to 30 Weeks. This comes with a Potency level of 2000mcg/ml – 2 x 5mL vials contained in 2 x 5ml vials.

At a reduced cost of just $349.95 (from $419.90) this makes it one of the best value buys around at the time of writing this post. Buy melanotan II from Peptide Clinics here.

The United States has a huge population of companies providing melanotan II to buy online in Australia. They are a good alternative if pricing is vital. Their current cost of melanotan II 10mg is $19.99 (USD) and shipping to Australia is just $40 (USD) regardless of the size of order. Click here for more information.

What to Know About melanotan 2 buy online Australia?

For improving skin colouring and tanning one should be aware that melanotan is more effective if the skin receives adequate exposure to UV (ultraviolet) light. Without such exposure the results can be very small and extremely slow. Natural sun light tends to be more effective, however a UV sun bed will normally suffice. It’s widely agreed that no more than 15 minutes is advised on a sun bed or alternatively a maximum of 45 minutes in the sun to gain the best results.

It must be understood that melanotan has very strict storage requirements in order for it to be effective. The recommended way to store it is by refrigeration. By storing melanotan II at room temperature or warmer, the chemical will remain fit for use for no more than 48 hours. This is regardless of whether the vial is sealed or opened. If the vial is refrigerated one can expect a life of up to 6 months if the vial is sealed. If the vial has been opened and the cap removed the life expectancy will be just 3 months.

For the safe use of melanotan II it is important to know that food should be avoided for around 2 hours prior to injecting and for 30 minutes following the administration.

Melanotan 2 Australia Review

One of our readers, Michael Allen has been king enough to offer his review of one of the best Melanotan ii suppliers Australia has. Please read on before making your purchase.

I was introduced to a handful of clinics around Australia where I could buy melanotan 2 online. It wasn’t a matter of price that was important to me, it was more leaned towards quality and safety, and of course effectiveness. I was at first pulled between Peptides Direct and Peptide Clinics. The reviews of both seemed to prove that both were of a reputable choice.

My sole purpose was to gain a healthy tan from my melanotan treatment. I had been lving and working in Europe for 18 months and my Aus complexion had long since gone.

After returning home I bought my first prescription from PC Australia. I was astounded how fast this stuff worked and to my surprise I had a great tan in just under a month. The prescription was for 10mg and it cost $209.95. It was at that time the cheapest around and the best reviews I had read were all pointing towards peptide clinics Australia. My second order was for the 20mg vial and that worked our somewhat cheaper at just $349.94.

My advice to anyone that wants to give melanotan 2 a try, take it from me, it does work and for the price and the great skin glow that comes with it, it’s money well spent.