Elite Supps Reviews – Australian Bodybuilders

So you’ve heard all about them but have you actually took the time to read any Elite Supps reviews? If your answer is no, read on and learn why thousands of loyal customers continue to use this top Australian supplier of quality bodybuilding and health supplements.

Together we will go through a few important points concerning Elite Supps, both from the customers side to the legitimacy of the company in general. We also have a couple of  Elite Supps reviews taken from real customers who have purchased in recent months.

Elite Supps Australia – What We Know

Some of us may be more familiar with their previous name, Elite Health & Supplements as they were known as previously. Specializing since 2008 in bodybuilding and other health supplements, they are now several branches all over Australia. What many customers favour this company for is the added option of not being restricted to online shopping only. In fact Elite Supps have 20 walk in stores around the country.

Their staff consists of a dedicated team of highly knowledgeable employees that are always on hand to offer first class advice on all their products that they have available. Placing an order is very simple procedure and they accept all major credit cards and PayPal as a payment method.

Elite Supps Shipping Time

Shipping time is always one of those questions that with too many sellers, we don’t seem to get the answer we were looking for. With Elite Supps they promise to ship same day for orders within Australia and the shipping cost is just $10 for orders amounting to below $150. Order over that and get free shipping (internally).

Elite Supps Discount Code

From time to time you may get hold of an Elite Supps Coupon or discount code. USE IT! There are some great savings to be had here and they are not to be ignored!

One of the great current offers is an elite supps fat burner called EHP LABS SUPER STACK. It’s currently on offer and down from $299.95 to $239.95, a fantastic saving but for a limited period only.

Best Elite Supps Reviews

Out of the reviews of Elite Supps that we received, there was one that really stuck out to us. The reviewer, Denis Lorenzo seemed to cover all the important points that one would want to know.

Elite Supps Tuggeranong

Well first of all I wanted to add that I have ordered online from the main site of Elite Supps and also from Elite Supps Tuggeranong, I actually live in Tuggeranong. I can say without any doubt that this company is one of the best if your looking for fitness related supps at an affordable price. First let me mention the Tuggeranong store and how keyed up these guys are about their products. It never seems to make a difference which member of staff you deal with, or what product you’re interested in. What you’ll find is that their product knowledge is immense.

They are never shy to point out any new deals that are current, this saves money and makes me happy! I have used this store many times and on my travels with my job I’ve been to others stores. Another one I can definitely recommend is Elite Supps Malaga. This is a truly fab store with almost everything you could think of there. As far as I know they and Elite Supps Coomera have the largest stock in store. You can order direct from here!

Elite Supps Sarms

Did you know that Elite Supps do SARMs also? Yes, they have LGD-4033, MK-2866, MK-677, SR9009, GW501516 and just about all the well known ones. They’re all pretty low priced also. Take a look at their current prices here!

I would recommend Elite Supps to anyone that wants quality along with value for money. All their products are completely safe and legal. They’ve all been thoroughly tested for both safety and effectiveness. They all have been proven to work!