Gonadorelin For Sale-Why Pay More

GONADORELIN (gonadorelin) from Peptide Sciences is a stimulant of the production of its own testosterone. In bodybuilding it is used as a substitute for synthetic testosterone. With the help of GONADORELIN (gonadorelin), the production of “own” testosterone is increased, thereby increasing the results in sports. GONADORELIN (gonadorelin) has huge advantages over synthetic testosterone.


Namely, it does not flood the body with water, is not converted into estrogens and aromatization does not occur. Just as often GONADORELIN (gonadorelin) is used for PCT, exit from the course, to build “bridges” between courses. Many athletes also choose when preparing for competitions, as they are poorly determined by doping tests. Recommendations for use: The dosage should be calculated as 1-2mcg per 1kg of body weight, but on average 100mkg. 3-4 injections of 100 mcg are made per day. The duration of the course should be 2-3 weeks so as not to suppress the work of their receptors. Store peptides dry at 2-8 degrees in the refrigerator. The diluted peptide is also stored. Before starting, you need to make half test injections to check the body’s response.