Are Peptides Legal in Australia?

MUSCLE NATION CASEIN CUSTARD We often get asked the question, are peptides legal in Australia and if so what are the requirements for buying them? Well let’s keep this article simple and to the point without having to confuse readers with all the legal technicalities.

It is perfectly legal for members of the Australian public to purchase peptide substances online, however there is a restriction that allows the buyer to initially undergoing a health assessment as set out in the accordance of the Australian law. The qualifying process is very simple and can be completed in under 10 minutes with most peptide clinics. There has to be some assurance that the client will not suffer from any peptides side effects.

Once the online form is completed a specialist consultant will look over the medical form and then decide if the individual would be safe to administer the peptide.

You can sign up here and complete the medical questionnaire for Peptide Clinics Australia, it takes just a few minutes.

It is legal to buy peptides online in Australia but it is however extremely crucial that the form is completed with honesty. This is  to ensure that you are given the correct prescription for your requirements without suffering any of its side effects

When are Peptides legal in Australia?

Obtaining peptides within Australia from a respected registered clinic is legal for Australians, however those that opt for buying from outside of Australia could face problems from the customs authorities.  Purchasing peptides from countries such as the United States for example, is forbidden and it is highly likely that the customs office will confiscate your consignment. This could even lead to a heavy fine and in some serious scenarios a prison term.

So to summarise, peptides are legal in Australia but you will need to do things correctly and honestly.