CJC1295 – Top 5 Things to Know

OXYSHRED THE #1 FAT BURNERCJC1295CJC1295 is more commonly  known as DAC:GRF and it’s use is to increase plasma growth hormone. It is almost always introduced into the body by injection where in as little as a few days it is known to increase the bodies growth hormone (GH) levels by up to 10 times the normal level. Just 3 weeks on cjc1295 will make a huge difference to the bodybuilder and in many cases just 1-2 weeks can provide the desired results. For a more detailed introduction to CJC1295, see this Wiki article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CJC-1295

It’s very important to the success of your cjc 1295 with dac dosage or cjc 1295 no dac dosage to know how much bacteriostatic water to mix with cjc-1295. It’s simple really and if you’re using a 2mg dose of cjc 1295, you should mix with 0.50ml of bacteriostatic water. This is the most popular recommended mix.

Let’s look at 5 key interesting points that everyone should be aware of before buying/using CJC1295.

CJC1295 With DAC Dosage

  • The main object of using CJC1295 is to increase ones level of growth hormone. This often then results in a noticeable increase in the level of IGF-1. The end result can often be an CJC1295increase in fat loss. Athletes also use this for the benefits that include muscle fiber increase.
  • Remember! CJC 1295 is not the same as CJC1295 without DAC and the 2 should never be confused. Any peptide that is without Dac (W/O DAC) it is not the same as or related to CJC1295.
  • As with any substance that enters our blood stream CJC1295 has some side effects that the user should be made aware of. Most contraindications are in one way or another related to the pituitary gland. The first of these side effects is in the dilatation of our blood vessels and this leads to lower blood pressure. Medically known as vasodilatation, the user of CJC1295 will typically experience a sudden dizziness or head rush. This will normally last no longer than 3 hours maximum, however the symptoms typically diminish after just 30 minutes or so. Itching can also be experienced in a mild form but this is usually confined to the area of the point of injection entry.
  • It’s common for athletes that are working to improve muscle mass, to use CJC 1295 in doses of 3 times each day. This will typically consist of the first dose taken just before eating breakfast. The second dose would be taken just before going to sleep and the third if needed would be used after exercise. It is common for bodybuilders and most other users of CJC 1295 DAC to combine their dose with GHRP 6 or Growth Hormone Replacement Peptide 6 as it is known in full. Taken once every night the GHRP 6 has the effect of forcing a surge of growth hormone.
  • CJC1295 is most commonly sold in 5mg vials. As mentioned above, the CJC 1295 should always be diluted with bacteriostatic water at the ratio of 1 mg/mL. Using an insulin syringe is recommended for the most effective results.

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