Premium Peptides – Australia’s Best

PREMIUM PEPTIDESPremium PeptidesOne of the largest stockpiles of research peptides lies within the hands of Premium Peptides. This company has become very popular in Australia recently and although they are based in the USA, it seems that many Australian’s are now turning to them for their premium peptides. The purity is every bit as good as Australian peptides and even better than some. It’s easy to see when browsing their website PremiumPeptides that they are an organised outfit and dedicated to what they do.

Are Premium Peptides Legit?

With a history spanning over 6 years they have shown time and time again that only the strong survive. It’s this that keeps them very firmly on top of their competitors. They are highly legit and for peptide suppliers it’s hard to find better. All of their chemicals are pure peptides made in the USA.Premium Peptides

Ordering from their website couldn’t be easier and after registering you can place your first order straight away. Shipping is lightning fast and if you order before 3pm your order will be dispatched the very same day. Clients will be provided with a unique tracking number to check on the progress of the order. Shipping is free for orders amounting to over $300.

On the unlikely event that their customer is dissatisfied with the quality of the peptides or if the package is damaged, Premium Peptides provide a 100% money back guarantee.


Premium Peptides Review

The internet has 100s of Premium Peptides reviews and we decided to contact some of our contributors that have placed at least 2 orders from Premium Peptides over the last 6 months. This short review was written for us by Ben Storer from Faulconbridge, New South Wales:

I was handed a Premium Peptides discount code by email from a friend of mine at the gym. He’s a big fan of PP and has used them on many occasions without any complaints. I spent almost an hour on the website looking at their massive stock of peptides and wandering what to order. I had done some research on a few forums etc to find out which peptides I would need to increase my stamina for fitness. I looked at whether to go for GHRP 6 or GHRP 2 as they were very cheap. However, I finally made the decision to order Premium Peptide Melanotan 2. My mind was made up after contacting customer support who really helped me with what I wanted to know. I actually had a very interesting conversation with them.

My package arrived after just 18 hours which was incredible service. It was packaged discretely which was an advantage when you live in an area where everyone knows each others business.

I started my dosage of the premium peptide order and the results were encouraging after only 2 days. I have since ordered further peptides from them on 3 instances and each time I have received the same professionalism and dedication from Premium Peptides. I have no immediate plans for the future to change to another supplier, for now I’ll stick with Premium Peptides.