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elitesuppsSARMS ReviewsIt’s always wise to read a few SARMS reviews before taking the plunge to spend good hard earned money on stuff you don’t know about. We’ve put together this small but comprehensive 3 SARMS reviews from our generous readers.

Please note that these reviews of SARMS are not written by anyone from the medical profession but from athletes and others that have had recent experience with using SARMS.

SARMS Reviews 2016

Nicolas Jason, NSW Australia

My first introduction to SARMS was when a colleague at work told me how good Andarine was for him. At the time there was some speculation that the effects of taking S4 andarine could in fact shrink the prostate. This however has since been regarded as untrue and contrary to what was initially reported it’s now thought that it can have some positive effects on the prostate. Several men have experienced an enlargement of the prostate after taking  this SARM.

My experience was extraordinary and using SARMS helped me to become fitter and leaner with an increased muscle definition. I would recommend that anyone who wants to lose weight should try S4, it’s simply incredible for weight loss.

I bought my SARMS from Peptide Clinics in Sydney and Melbourne Clinic.


Jade Cowley, Auckland NZ

I got a prescription for SARMS from Peptides Direct in Australia after reading as many SARMS reviews as I could find. I basically wanted to look fitter and feel healthier and less tired whilst working out. The guys at Peptides Direct were very helpful and after sarms reviewsregistering with them I got an online consultation before they prescribed me with GW 501516. The energy I got from this was just outstanding! It gave me more endurance than I could ever have imagined and I found that I could endure much longer training sessions than before. I noticed a big improvement right from the first dose and it just seemed to dissolve the excess fat that I had. I had no side effects at all from taking GW 501516.


Gary Henton, Adelaide, Australia

I can’t mention where I bought my SARMS from because they were from the US which is frowned upon by Australian customs these days. I used MK-677 (wiki article) because I wanted to take SARMS orally rather than by injecting, I don’t like needles! Previously I had taken the peptide GHRP-6 and it seemed to work exactly the same as GHRP-6. The reason for wanting this SARM was because I was very overweight and suffering from muscle wastage. MK-677 worked remarkably well for me. I had none of the side effects that I had with GHRP-6 so I was happy with that.

SARMS REVIEWS: Do Your Homework!

Before parting with your money, always make sure you read as many SARMS reviews as you can find. It will pay of later.

Thanks to Nic, Jade and Gary for their SARMS reviews.