Aus Peptides: Best of the Best

AUS PEPTIDESAus PeptidesAre you thinking of buying your first dose of Aus peptides or SARMS and don’t know who to trust? Then stay with us and here we will try to point you in the right direction to get your peptides at the highest quality and lowest price.


Australian peptides have become an authority over recent years in the world of research chemicals, and here’s why. Countries around the globe are now struggling to buy/sell chemicals such as growth hormone type drugs and chemicals. This is because the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have laid out heavy restrictions on the selling and use of most peptides and SARMS collectively known under the category of research chemicals.

Aus peptides review

A quick search in any of the search engines will throw up an astonishing number of clinics not just in Australia but worldwide. The problem that many of you find is who exactly do you trust? Well again the search engines can be of help most of the time. You will also find a good honest Aus peptides review here on this site. A recent post about SARMS reviews is a good start. Here you will find everything about Aus peptides melanotan among other popular products.

Whenever we are asked to recommend a place to get Oz peptides we would typically go with Sydney based Peptide Clinics Australia every time. Their professionalism speaks for itself. They stock the best premium peptides in Australia and they can be purchased after they issue a prescription to the client. Biokem research was also a reliable clinic and w have tried to contact them recently for an update on their business status. More on that to come.

We are currently trying to organise a comprehensive shortlist of the top 10 Aus peptides clinics nationwide. We would appreciate any input that our you our readers could provide.

Our shortlist to date for the best Aus Peptide suppliers are:

  1. Peptide Clinics Australia
  2. Peptides Direct
  3. Muscle Peptides Australia
  4. Australia Muscle Science
  5. Auspep
  6. Simply Vital Australia

All the above are reputable clinics that subject to a prescription will provide professional advice and clinical grade Aus peptides.