What is the Best Peptide for Weight Loss?

elitesuppsJust what is the best peptide for weight loss and will it really work or is it all a myth? Grab yourself a coffee and pull up a chair for the next few minutes while I share this with you.

The image to the left is a good example of quality Ipamorelin and at prices starting at just $74.40 for 5 vials, this is one of the cheapest on the market today.

What’s more is that they have been successfully shipping to Australia and the USA for a number of years.

Let’s get straight to the point of this article to tell you that ipamorelin is without a doubt the best peptide for fat loss. It has been used for several years in research and to date the findings and results have beenĀ  nothing short of astonishing.

First of all I can say that it’s all good news from here on, and you’ve just made the initial step needed to start losing weight. We will look at the 2 main aspects of fat loss, one for fat loss alone and also the best peptides for fat loss and muscle gain.

What is the Best Peptide for Fat Loss Alone?

Best Fat Burning Peptide

When it comes to losing weight, no matter how little amount, it’s an uphill struggle…all the way! Using peptides correctly will provide surprisingly good results if the user can also put in some effort from the very start. Just by reducing your food and calorie drinks along with some daily exercise will soon reward you with a noticeable decrease in weight and fat loss.

Top 6 Most Effective Peptides For Weight Loss

  1. CJC 1295
  2. Ipamorelin
  3. Tesamorelin
  4. Hexarelin
  5. GHRP2
  6. GHRP6

what is the best peptide for fat loss

If muscle gain is not what you’re looking to gain, then the best place to start is by getting your hands on some CJC-DAC and administer at 2-5mg per week. CJC-1295 with or without DAC is suitable. An equally effective alternative is GW501516. Peptide Clinics Australia recommend Oxytocin for weight loss highly and they’ve had amazing results from patients that have been prescribed this.

Best Peptides for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Many dieters want more than just fat loss as a result for their efforts. Instead these people are also wanting to achieve fat loss and muscle gain to leave them with a highly toned physique. For this we would be looking at a dose of 176-191 peptide and GHRP2.

Not every peptide will suite every individual and it may take some experimenting to get the right peptide and dose. Our recent article explains more about who peptides will work for. So what is the best peptide for fat loss and is there any one type that will almost guarantee some success? The answer is NO! Everyone is different and to repeat what was said above, experimenting is vital for success. GoPeps is the best place for most peptide types and you can buy ipamorelin from them here.